Recipe: Brisket Jalapeno Chili

I forgot to post my brisket chili recipe last week, since getting wrapped up in chasing down issues with my web hosting (AWS and GCP). I’m not even sure I remember the ingredients any more, but technically you can follow my original Slow Cooker Jalapeno Chili recipe and get about the same results. After all, after all the prep work, the slow cooker does all the cooking for you.

So I’m just going off memory but here are the ingredients:

  • 4lbs smoked flat of brisket
  • 10oz, Onions, raw
  • 56g, Garlic, raw
  • 5-6oz, Peppers, jalapeno, raw, some see

Ain’t Summer w/o BBQ

Summertime in Texas, specifically in DFW, means all things BBQ. As a follow up their their Top 50 BBQ guide, Texas Monthly‘s Daniel Vaughn lists the roundup of all the smoked meat goodness to found in Dallas, Ft Worth and surrounding counties. Finger lickin’ good!

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Freshman Brisket on the BGE

We gave smoking a brisket a try on the Big Green Egg this weekend. It was our first attempt at smoking Texas brisket in a BGE. The results were tasty, but not close to the ideal Texas texture and flavor we were hoping for. A few issues marred our attempts, but the man was staunch about doing it his way. He did spend a good 8-10 hours at it, but the end result was undercooked. We learned a great deal about how the Big Green Egg did a better job of maintaining temperatures over long cook times.

A salt rub the night beforehand is key to investing a brisket with flavor, and something I’ve learned to do during my smoke experiments with the Weber kettle. Previously, I did my dry brine and rubs in one step, then let the brisket rest overnight before hitting the grill.

Coming Soon to a Brisket Chili Near you

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. Time to fire up those grills! I’ll be making brisket chili for a potluck lunch. Here’s a sneak peek: brisket is rubbed, bone broth is a-simmering.

Dallas BBQ Upset: Texas Monthly’s 2017 BBQ List

STOP PRESS! Is it that time again??

Texas Monthly published their 2017 top 50 list of best BBQ in the state. In a shocker turn of events, Dallas BBQ darling Pecan Lodge did not place in the top 10 despite producing some of the tastiest brisket I’ve ever drooled over. Instead, the only Dallas-based BBQ joint to enter the top ranks is Cattleack BBQ. If you’ve ever stumbled over my Yelp, you’ll know that I’ve nothing but love for Cattleack’s brisket and beef ribs&#

Food Porn @aznbbqgrrl

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Best of BBQ: Smoked Brisket

This list comes long overdue. Here’s my best of bbq featuring smoked brisket that can be had in Dallas and surrounding neighborhoods:

Pecan Lodge: Intense, smoky, melt-in-your-mouth fatty beef brisket. This is the best of the best in Dallas, found in Deep Ellum. The parking may be inconvenient, the lines may stretch out the door, but I head over to the express counter where I’ll purchase 5lbs or more of all the smoked barbecue goodness. Wanna amp up the flavor? Try the brisket burnt ends!

Hutchins BBQ:  Steer clear of the Frisco outpost and make the commute over to McKinney, where the original Hutchins perfected their marbled smoked brisket. Moist, flavorful brisket will make your tastebuds dance–the best in the ‘burbs!

Brisket accomplished

I got up later than planned on Saturday, around 8am. Which set me back on time to do the brisket bbq. I needed to stop by Home Depot to pick up a temperature gauge for our trusty old Weber kettle…and it was a purchase that paid off. Initially, we were out of smaller options of…

Brisket challenge 2011

For the past several weekends, perfectly smoked brisket continues to elude us. Regardless of cut or size, we still undercook or cook the brisket too fast. This current weekend we purchased a whole, untrimmed brisket from Kroger’s at 1.99/lb. Weighing in at under 10lbs, we put the behemoth (our biggest attempt yet out of 5…

Too much salt…

…can ruin a brisket. As I discovered when we chowed down on some moist, smoky brisket. The rub had too much salt…since I hadn’t had as much salt in the pantry in a long while. Which really wasn’t a big deal since we ended up removing the inedible rind and dug into some really good…