Dallas BBQ Upset: Texas Monthly’s 2017 BBQ List

STOP PRESS! Is it that time again??

Texas Monthly published their 2017 top 50 list of best BBQ in the state. In a shocker turn of events, Dallas BBQ darling Pecan Lodge did not place in the top 10 despite producing some of the tastiest brisket I’ve ever drooled over. Instead, the only Dallas-based BBQ joint to enter the top ranks is Cattleack BBQ. If you’ve ever stumbled over my Yelp, you’ll know that I’ve nothing but love for Cattleack’s brisket and beef ribs…but I’m utterly frustrated by their short hours and even shorter run of “boutique” specials that only folks with no working life have access to.

I am happy to report that Hutchins in McKinney still ranks in the 50, even though the Frisco location tends to bring down their overall score. I also have less affection for Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff due to the inconsistent quality of their food, and ever since Will Fleischman departed the brand. Lockhart in Plano never really matched up to the south Dallas location.

An astonishing entry on the top 10 is Bodacious BBQ, which I graded poorly during a 2012 trip to the Tyler location. Bodacious is a relatively ubiquitous chain in East Texas with a long history. Apparently a recent change in management has elevated the quality of the food, placing Bodacious among the BBQ elites in the state.

A new entry in the top 50 that has piqued my interest is Top 5 BBQ in DeSoto, though a friend knew of them during their food truck days and reported that they were just okay. Even Yelp seemed to rate the DeSoto joint only average. (Highly suspicious, Mr Vaughn!)

My personal favorites The Slow Bone (Irving) and Meat U Anywhere (Grapevine) are conspicuously absent from the list (though Daniel Vaughn himself gave Slow Bone an honorable mention). I am also hoping that Post Oak Smokehouse (Irving/Las Colinas) steps up their game (their beef ribs and burnt ends are almost there) and someday make the list. Because…really, anything is better than tourist trap BBQ, right? (I’m referring to Salt Lick of course! And Hard Eight…)

I must admit I haven’t been keeping up with Texas BBQ in the last few months, focusing more on Mexican, Korean and Chinese BBQ, if you’ve followed me on Instagram. But now that summer is here and armed with a Big Green Egg, I’m ready to get my smokering back on.

Want to know more? Check out Texas Monthly’s splashy site about the Golden Age of BBQ honoring 2017’s top ten.

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