In search of brisket grilling tips

I don’t know that I have the patience, energy or time to slow-cook a brisket Texas bbq style. I’m not sure I even have the right tools, but I’m going to give a run this weekend with the help of some internet sources.

Gas Grilling a Brisket at
The Brisket Faq at
Brisket 101 The Basics with Photos at

The last link has some very good illustrations on cuts of meat, grill positioning, and finished product. I’m so hungry right now!

Lucky me, I purchased the fattier cut of brisket, the point cut, at Albertson’s last week, roughly 4-5 lbs of meat. I can’t wait to fire up the oven/grill and give it a go! Roast brisket vs. bbq brisket…showdown at the Pirkle household!